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it’s not what you say – it’s the way that you say it

Copy is the “hidden persuader” in advertising. Its purpose is to present your story on your behalf, in an informative and engaging way. A copywriter is the advertising spokesperson for the brand and should invoke a positive reaction from your viewers.

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At All Kreations we believe our writers need to have an in-depth understanding of the your unique DNA as it reflects the tone of writing. Our copywriters take into consideration your industry, brand identity, target market profile, history and brand distribution.

Copywriting | All Kreations

Our copywriters are trained to ask you the right questions – because using the right terminology is key to engaging with your target market. You are the experts in your industry and our writers’ job is to interpret the technical terms so that the end user can relate to your brand.
Knowing your brand

Our copywriters know that brands are subconsciously driven by consumer mind sets – impulse, need or want. The art of copy is to keep your consumers train of thought on track so they commit to your brand.

Our copywriters’ understand that a consumer’s buying impulse is influenced by specific trigger words and they use these to draw your consumer to your brand.

At All Kreations our copywriters put a strong emphasis on why your consumer should choose your brand over the opposition. For example, it’s not good enough to just say “we have the best fruit in town” because it doesn’t validate your claim. By adding “we only source our produce locally” motivates the consumer because they know why your fruit is the best.

Copywriting | All Kreations