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Full marketing & advertising partnership company that’s driven by a highly creative team of professionals.

About All Kreations

Effective marketing and advertising means thinking outside the box

We strive to always enrich our client’s business by creating relevant, interactive digital marketing and advertising that captivates the target audience.

Our core business revolves around growth through business development, market awareness, strategy development and brand building.
We motivate, positively engage the target market and encourage growth through, visual, written, technological and digital solutions.

Our Business | All Kreations

All Kreations was started in 2013 and is the brain child of Karla Walsh and In 2018 she was joined by Amica Els. Our dream is to use digital technology to enable us to offer our clients the services of a creative team built from some of the best professionals in the industry. Not being limited to a geographically based talent pool, opening the doors to create a new, exciting and forward-thinking approach to marketing and advertising.

Karla Walsh

Karla graduated with distinctions in art and mixed mediums, setting the tone for her creative future. She has extensive experience in sales, marketing, client care, events, advertising, networking, cross-marketing, brand and business development.

Karla has worked with top international brands, including The Virgin group (cosmetics, health and fitness), Lindt, Red Bull, Backsberg Wine Estate, Wrigglies, Mentos, USN, Hipp Organic, Mars and many more. She also managed Tsitsikamma Water for Gauteng and Free State regions in South Africa. To diversify her marketing experience, Karla then went into property sales bringing FMCG expertise to the industry.

Karla and Amica first met when they were 6 years old at School and although their career paths took them in them in totally different directions, they have remained best friends.

Amica Els

Amica went onto study tourism and hospitality under Sol Kerzner at the University of Johannesburg where she graduated as as Cum Laude.

Amica has always had a passion for logistics, management organisation, administration and customer services. After graduating she worked for Postnet as a planning coordinator and then went on to work in the highly competitive IT industry.

With Amica’s expertise in planning and organisation, marketing and sales, training and financial management we are able to offer our clients a fresh and forward thinking approach to marketing and advertising. Since our partnership the business has doubled its growth trajectory due to our dynamic ying and yang skill sets. Combining our experience, we have expanded the company’s range of management and marketing services to meet our clients’ business requirements.

Working with local and international clients has given us the added advantage of a first-hand insight into local, national and international market trends. We work together as a cohesive group by using the internet as our “virtual boardroom” to connect and strategise with you.

As a full-service agency, we have specialists in marketing, design, copy and account management. We give you the flexibility to select the services you need when you require them.

Marketing – market research, business development, digital marketing, market analysis, networking, marketing concepts and strategy planning.

Creative – concepts, graphic design, copywriting, website design and media planning.

Management – Campaign management, marketing feedback, campaign performance reports, account management and online training.

Every business needs to set goals for the future. By sharing your goal objectives with All Kreations, we’re able to formulate a marketing strategy that will help you achieve them and then set new ones.

Most businesses occasionally hit an unexpected “bump in the road” but it’s how you deal with the situation that determines the outcome. During the events in 2020, we were able to help our clients keep their businesses operating through digital marketing, networking, new business development and e-commerce.

During this period, online services sky rocketed as they’ve proved to be safe, convenient, cost effective and less time consuming. Online is fast becoming the new business norm that people will continue to use in our ever changing future.

Life never stands still – times change, new trends come and go – so it is vitally important that your business remains ahead of the competition. All Kreations are here to help you do that.